STUDIO teatrgaleria is a creative venue hosting innovative experiments produced by artists representing a range of disciplines. In line with its avant-garde traditions, and with Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz as its patron, STUDIO has become a space for free expression, where different disciplines of art intersect and interact – including theatre, visual arts, music and film. In line with Witkacy’s Theory of Pure Form, artists are offered the opportunity to perform aesthetic experiments.


STUDIO does not produce a fixed programme, being a PLACE for thinking in ways different to the reality imposed upon us by politicians. STUDIO aims to change this reality. Our starting point is to question the future of artistic theatre in Poland and Europe and, more precisely, the ways in which it can justify its existence in present-day social, economic and political environments.


STUDIO is an open and democratic space with no privileged entities. The same principles apply to all, and everyone is free to choose the topics and artistic means they wish to engage with. It is concepts, not conventions, which matter to us. There is no room here for ego trips, but for partnership working instead. The STUDIO actor is a mindful artist whose role is not limited to being a basic element of the staging.


The practical delivery of the “theatregallery” concept involves a permanent set fixed on one of the stages. Thus, stage design automatically becomes a work of art exhibited in the theatre space. Isolation Ward, a project presented on the Modelatornia stage, was delivered by Mikołaj Grospierre and Olga Mokrzycka-Grospierre in 2017. Daniel Buren, one of the most renowned artists and contemporary art theorists, was invited to collaborate with STUDIO in 2018, which led to the staging a vernissage of his In situ works on the 9th of September.




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